Saturday, December 8, 2007

Friday Night!

Well, since Kevin's B-day was on Wednesday and our Anniversary is on Sunday, we decided to go ahead and celebrate by going out to dinner last night. We really wanted to try the new Olive Garden in Jacksonville, but the wait was over 1 hr long. Noooo thank you! lol So decided to go to Shogun! We ate together and had nice adult conversation! :) It is hard to believe Sunday we will be married for 5 yrs!! Seems like yesterday we took off to the magistrate and got married without anyone knowing. lol Kevin wearing a flannel shirt and me wearing a sweatshirt..LOL I know redneck!


Why do ex-husband's have to be such idiot's??? Derrick has a project that is due on Monday, this is the first big project he has ever had to do in school. So ya know he is going to drag his feet. Well, Thursday night I call their dad and tell him that Derrick is almost done with the project the only thing that he lacks to do is his bibliography, and the poster. Their dad tells me that he doesn't know if they will have time, that they are really busy this weekend!! WHAT?? I asked him was he crazy?? LOL He told me well you had over a month to get this done! No not me, Derrick! I told their dad well guess what you have him just as much as I do (he has had Thanksgiving break and long weekends) and you can help too. It shouldn't be all me! Then he started bringing up 0's Derrick had last 9 weeks, the teacher explained the 0's to you. Derrick's math grades aren't all great. But he has a B in Language Arts, and a C is Science (which I would love to see a B in) Their dad keeps telling me I would love to be in your shoes, yeah so you can sit back while your wife does all the work! Just like it was when we were married! UHHH!! If there were a book with Stupid Ex's in it! His picture would be first!! Ohh and I love it when he tells me I am a BAD Parent!! Ohh yeah that is why I get up at 4:30am to go to work so I can get off of work before they get home from school, so I can be here with them!!!! UHHH!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our Week So Far..........

This week has been intresting...I had school Monday and Wednesday nights. Monday night I had to do a presentation in front of the whole class, I hate doing this!! Also, Dillan had a field trip to Raleigh, so he had to be picked up at 5:30 and I have to leave for class at 5:45 so Kevin had to go get him. Tuesday, Dillan stayed after school for Tutoring...the bus didnt bring him home until 7:30!! I was outraged!! I very politely told the school that he would no longer attend. The bus is suppose to leave at 5:30 that is 2 Hrs!!!!! Crazy!!! Wednesday was Kevin's b-day!! Since I had school I couldn't do the usual and make him a cake and make him whatever he wanted for dinner. So, I got him a big cookie and the kids sang Happy Birthday to him. Chelsie even called him for his birthday :) Kevin was kinda down as this is his first Birthday without his mom, she always would call him to tell him Happy Birthday. Today (Thursday) we all just prayed Friday gets here soon! LOL By the end of the week I worn out! Derrick has a project to finish up tonight that is due on Monday, and Dillan has a spelling test tomorrow! Ohh my goodness they should be walking in the door any minute from school!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Today was busy! I got up this morning and started making Cornbread and Apple Crisp to take to my grandma's for lunch. All of us ate at my grandma's since my uncle is visiting from TX and this was the only time he would be able to see the boys since they are leaving Fri to go with their dad. We had a great time visiting! We came home and got ready to meet some friends at Mikes Farm for the Christmas Light Show. We had a great time and it was just the right temp! Not to cold not to warm. We even got to enjoy cookies an a drink too! Now it is time to start the week off! Dillan has a field trip tomorrow, I have school, and a staff meeting on Thursday! BUSY!


We got up this morning and headed to Wilmington to get Derrick's glasses adjusted. Thursday he was at school playing Basketball during PE and the ball came back and hit him in the face. He is suppose to take them off when he is playing UHHH!! So here we go on a 45 minute drive to Wilmington!! Since we were going to Wilmington I decided to ask if anyone wanted to meet us at the mall for lunch! We met 2 friends at the mall with some of their kids, which was really fun! We walked around the mall and had fun! These kids know every electronic store there is! And how to work the electronics! Too funny! After the mall the kids and I hit Wal mart we needed to get some thing to fix to take to my Grandma's since we are eating lunch there on Sunday! :) The boys and Kevin watched Transformers on Pay Per View tonight :) All together it was a pretty good Day!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Night

Tonight Kevin and I went out to dinner with a friend of ours and her 6 yr old little girl. The boys are with their dad for a long weekend there is a teachers workday on Monday so they will be back on Tuesday. After eating dinner we headed to Wal-Mart as we all needed different things. OMG I saw a ton of people I knew, two people I use to work with at a daycare in Jacksonville, one of them just had a baby girl about a month ago. (she is too cute might I add)
I finally got the boys Halloween costumes, well masks anyway. Have you ever seen those masks in Wal Mart that bleed that is what they wanted. Where did my little Elmo and Cookie Monster go, that is what they were when they were 2 and 4. Too cute! Kevin is taking them to the Trunk O Treat on Wednesday with our friend and her two girls since I have to go to school. :(