Sunday, December 2, 2007


We got up this morning and headed to Wilmington to get Derrick's glasses adjusted. Thursday he was at school playing Basketball during PE and the ball came back and hit him in the face. He is suppose to take them off when he is playing UHHH!! So here we go on a 45 minute drive to Wilmington!! Since we were going to Wilmington I decided to ask if anyone wanted to meet us at the mall for lunch! We met 2 friends at the mall with some of their kids, which was really fun! We walked around the mall and had fun! These kids know every electronic store there is! And how to work the electronics! Too funny! After the mall the kids and I hit Wal mart we needed to get some thing to fix to take to my Grandma's since we are eating lunch there on Sunday! :) The boys and Kevin watched Transformers on Pay Per View tonight :) All together it was a pretty good Day!