Saturday, December 8, 2007


Why do ex-husband's have to be such idiot's??? Derrick has a project that is due on Monday, this is the first big project he has ever had to do in school. So ya know he is going to drag his feet. Well, Thursday night I call their dad and tell him that Derrick is almost done with the project the only thing that he lacks to do is his bibliography, and the poster. Their dad tells me that he doesn't know if they will have time, that they are really busy this weekend!! WHAT?? I asked him was he crazy?? LOL He told me well you had over a month to get this done! No not me, Derrick! I told their dad well guess what you have him just as much as I do (he has had Thanksgiving break and long weekends) and you can help too. It shouldn't be all me! Then he started bringing up 0's Derrick had last 9 weeks, the teacher explained the 0's to you. Derrick's math grades aren't all great. But he has a B in Language Arts, and a C is Science (which I would love to see a B in) Their dad keeps telling me I would love to be in your shoes, yeah so you can sit back while your wife does all the work! Just like it was when we were married! UHHH!! If there were a book with Stupid Ex's in it! His picture would be first!! Ohh and I love it when he tells me I am a BAD Parent!! Ohh yeah that is why I get up at 4:30am to go to work so I can get off of work before they get home from school, so I can be here with them!!!! UHHH!